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Sword Earth and Spirit
$130.00 USD

This one of a kind piece gives inspiration to being prepared for battle, and appreciating the elements around you that aid in the fight. The Earth under your feet, the Brass of your Sword and the spirit and inspiration of the creator that guide us to victory.

This piece includes brass basket beads, bamboo to represent strength, indigo representing the wisdom and intuition needed, twelve solid wood bead representing order and completion and lastly four hand drawn Ghanaian Adinkra symbols on wood. The center of the necklace is a replica of a ceremonial Sword from the Benin Kingdom in Africa.

Left Top:
Readiness for Battle - Akoben (War Horn)
Left Bottom:
Gods Supremacy - Gye Nyame
Right Bottom:
Call to Arms - Akoben (War Horn)
Right Top:
Endurance - Aya - The Fern

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