Beneath The Finite Sky (2011)
Five Smooth Stones' second full length album has eleven eclectic rock cuts including the single Paper Maché and concert favorites Beauty & Pain, Rockets and Picture.
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Life From Dust (2009)
Five Smooth Stones' debut album continues to be well-liked. It features band and fan favorites Lump Of Clay and Four and the radio single Superman.
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After months of preparation three people wait. The location is booked, the room is filled with all sorts of instruments; all that is missing is one person. It seems so close. All the hard work, the planning - everything is beginning to come to fruition. The last things standing in the way of a week of much anticipated recording are a few miles, and a whole lot of snow.

In the spring of 2010, when Five Smooth Stones first began thinking of their second album, they could not have possibly known where the process would take them, or that the final outcome would be the eleven songs that make up Beneath the Finite Sky.

"I don't know that we had a specific purpose in mind when we started writing these songs. Our main goal was simply to have a purpose," says bassist Colvin Franklin.

Five Smooth Stones released their first album, Life From Dust, in March of 2009. Since then they have spent most of their time playing local shows and honing their songwriting skills. When it came time for their second release they decided to take a bit of a different approach.

"We had all been spending some time apart, kind of doing [song] writing as individuals. Then as we started digging through things as a band we started seeing themes," continues Colvin.

From there the band began vigorously demoing songs and shaping the themes that would ultimately become Beneath the Finite Sky. The band focused in on creating music that was candid and honest about life's challenges. The result is a group of songs that are vulnerable and openly confront the pain and failings we all struggle with.

"I think when we break down the barrier of pride and get honest with ourselves and each other, we really start to see how we're all very much the same, every one of us is a part of the human experience," says drummer Andrew Franklin.

"We really hoped that by opening ourselves up we could connect to others on a much deeper level," adds Colvin.

Despite the down-to-earth mindset in the songwriting, there is still a strong sense of purpose. There is a hopefulness that shines through even the darkest of songs. The album shares daily life not as a means to itself, but rather to share a piece of the bigger collective. A story bigger than the individuals that make it up; one with a Divine ending.

After months of working on demos the band decided to take itself out of its comfort zone. They booked a cabin with a great open space, suitable for recording drums, and prepared to embark on a self-produced recording session. They planned out a week in the cabin to track the bulk of the music, and then to finish the project at home. What they didn't plan on was a snow storm.

Andrew, Tom, and Kathryn set out early Monday morning and arrived later that afternoon, leaving Colvin to drive up the next day. As the weather forecast became somewhat ominous, Colvin soon decided it would be best to leave Monday night in an attempt to beat most of the snow.

"When I left I was pretty sure that I would at least have to do some driving in the snow, but with the forecast I honestly didn't know if going the next day would even be possible. I really didn't expect it to get so bad so quickly," recalls Colvin.

After three and a half hours of worry on both ends Colvin arrived on location, only slightly worse for the wear of the drive. All the band breathed a collective sigh of relief, and having gotten much of the gear set up during the afternoon and evening, were ready to begin recording in the morning.

"I think we really learned a lot about each other and the band [by recording at the cabin]. It was great to spend that much time with one another," says Colvin.

"It was a great experience having, every day saturated with music," adds guitarist Kathryn Clarke, "and spending the time together, playing 'til every song sounded exactly right."

After a week spend hard at work in their cabin studio, and weeks of work back at home, Five Smooth Stones completed Beneath the Finite Sky and released it to the world in June of 2011. The band has grown along with the songs and learned a great deal for the process.

"We really got to focus on the songs, on making them real to us and we hope to the listening ear," recalls guitarist Tom Franklin.

Since the album's release, the band has been touring in its support. They look for venues where they can, of course, expose listeners to their music, but also seek to build relationships, even friendships, with people. They hope to encourage all they meet, and to foster an environment for helping those in need of support.

Andrew finishes by adding, "As we were writing and recording this album, and now as we start to play it for people, we find ourselves talking a lot about hope - about love - and about Jesus. It's one thing to talk or sing about it, but we want to show hope, show love and show Jesus to people. One way we're doing that is through child sponsorship, and we really encourage fans to consider sponsoring children as well. We're on this earth to love and help each other, it's an amazing and wonderful thing."

Five Smooth Stones loves playing songs about life "Beneath The Finite Sky" for our friends and your friends.

For parties, youth groups, coffee houses and most other venues, we ask that you cover our travel costs, take a love offering to help support us, and allow us to set up a table to offer our CDs, tshirts and other items to raise needed band funds.

For concerts where tickets are sold, or admission fees charged, and other for-profit or fund-raising events, please email us with details, we are happy to work with you on a fair and equitable arrangement.

If you have a sound system and sound tech, we are delighted to use them, and will forward our technical needs to them. If you don't, we have a small sound system we'll bring.

We want to come and play for you! Please click the link below and tell us what you have in mind. We are sure we can work it out!

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Five Smooth Stones will be booking on a very limited basis for 2013-14. Along with time working on new music, we have one member doing grad work and another working through a medical situation. That said, we do not wish to dismiss any opportunity to play without giving it proper consideration (in light of the aforementioned circumstances, of course). So please do let us know what you have in mind…

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